What makes
this biologic
different than
most others?

KEVZARA targets the
interleukin-6 (IL-6) receptor.

Your doctor may prescribe KEVZARA after you’ve tried a TNFi biologic and it’s no longer working well, your body can’t tolerate it, or it’s causing side effects that led you to stop taking the medicine.

So what is IL-6 and what does it have to do with your RA?

We created the story below to let you explore at your own pace how elevated levels of IL-6 may impact RA, and how KEVZARA may help.

How Does RA
Affect Me?

This printable brochure helps you learn the basics of RA and how it’s different than other forms of arthritis.

Be RA Savvy

How Fast Will

What you might expect when you start KEVZARA.

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