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When you walk in the woods like I do, in the swamps, you step pretty carefully most of the time. I see things that most people don't want on them; spiders, everything.

I lead a team of 7 other guys. We're all out in the field all the time. It's a very physical job.

I work for mosquito control. On a daily basis we go out and control the amount of mosquitos so they can't spread viruses and disrupt people's lives. It's just what I like to do. My thought in my mind was, I'm going to do this job either way. I was just suffering every day, going in there.

He never told you about pain. To watch someone you love struggle so much; it was heartwrenching really.

When I was finally diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, it already had been affecting my job. It made it much more difficult to carry the heavier loads that I carry.

My symptoms started with my, down in my feet and ankles; but it progressed upward to where it got into my shoulders, and then my hands started swelling more and more all the time.

I went many years not even being able to see my knuckles in my hand. It was kind of a joke in the shop that - he doesn't have hands; he has catcher mitts.

You couldn't see his knuckles. He was struggling. If he dropped something, just to pick it up was a struggle.

You don't even enjoy waking up in the morning, because you're in pain; and you know it's going to be a brutal, long day.
I used to get up pretty early just to take really hot showers to try to soften up my joints, to try to get them to work.

I was coming home and just wanting to sit there. I was the guy that wanted to be outside playing golf. I wanted to be outside fishing.

I mean, that, to me, felt like a failure right there. My life had gotten that bad.

My doctor and I knew it was time for a change when the medicines he had tried on me were not working. And he introduced me to KEVZARA.

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I can't tell you how much KEVZARA has made a change in my life and made it better. I don't have to preplan out my life every day, getting up extra early to get past the pain.

We saw a difference of the swelling going down in my hands. The swelling went down in my shoulders to where I had gained back a lot of mobility, where I could actually put my hand above my head and grab things.

The equipment is not nearly as straining as it was to carry. I don't feel like I'm shackled, sitting around and not living my life anymore.

It makes for a much happier life when your partner can go and do things and doesn't have to struggle to get out of bed every morning.

My wife, she's put up a lot with me over the years, of my pain. And now, I think that she thinks I'm not a grumpy old man maybe. I found KEVZARA worked for me and I can't tell you or express how much it has helped me and has been a huge turning point in my life.

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