Ways to help
stay on track.

It’s important to keep your body moving.

Many people with RA often experience their worst stiffness in the morning.

Try these activities along with your doctor-prescribed treatment plan. Remember, though, to talk with your doctor before starting something new.

Get your joints started in the morning.

Use a heating blanket, set your thermostat to warm up the room, or take a warm shower or bath as soon as you wake up. Warm joints may be easier to flex when you’re getting started.

Stay active throughout the day.

If you feel up to it, try to stretch and exercise when you can. Exercising regularly may help people with RA experience less pain, more energy, better sleep, and better day-to-day function.

Here are 2 ideas to consider after you’ve checked with your doctor first.

Yoga and Stretching
Different forms of yoga, which range from gentle breathing exercises and relaxing stretches to more vigorous aerobic exercise, may help reduce the pain, stiffness, and fatigue associated with RA. Yoga may also help improve physical function and mobility, sleep, and grip strength. In addition to these physical benefits, some people with RA have found improvements in energy, relaxation, and mood.

The buoyancy and temperature of water help to make swimming a good way to reduce the feeling of stiffness and the load on the joints. Water also provides natural resistance, so you can get both an aerobic and muscle-strengthening workout. This may help with flexibility and overall muscle endurance in certain parts of the body, like your arms and legs, if done regularly.

If you found these ideas helpful, download our RA-friendly exercises for better living tips.

Turn up the volume.

Music plays an important part in many people’s lives. It reminds us of great times, emotional moments, and other important milestones over the course of time.

Music can also be used as a great motivator to get started in the morning, keep us moving during the day, and to help us wind down and relax before bedtime. With that in mind, here are some programs and themes that you might want to try:

Themes to get you going

  • Dance
  • Country Western
  • Party Music
  • Workout Music

Themes to help you relax

  • Ambient Music
  • Classical
  • Easy Listening
  • Jazz

Other lifestyle hacks
that can help.